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 The SBMU Pediatric Infectious Diseases Research Center (PIDRC) as a part of the national research centers and national research policies, and based on its mission has adopted missions on fulfilling health requirements, promoting social health levels, enhancing the quantities of applied researches, increasing national scientific levels,, and improving research spirits among the academic staff and the graduated. It was established in 2003 at Mofid Pediatric Hospital, affiliated to SBMU.

The activities of the center are in line with utilizing the highest efficiency of the specialized human resources in pediatric diseases (viral, bacterial, myco-bacterial, parasitic, and fungi), as well as providing the necessary facilities in order to involve researchers in developing research projects.

Among the other goals of the center is the promotion of the health level of the society and reducing pediatric mortality rates, and enhancing national scientific level. In line with these, the center interacts with national and international scientific centers.

 The missions of the center are defined as follows:

The Global Plans of the Center:

 The Services Rendered by the Center are categorized as follows:

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